Radiology today forms the backbone of effective modern medicine/dentistry. It is crucial for a facility to be well-equipped with X-ray facilities to be able to flawlessly interpret, diagnose, treat & follow up a dental disease, its progress & treatment.

Our dental center is equipped with both Intraoral as well as Extra-oral imaging facilities.


Intraoral camera & Intraoral X-ray

Our dental chairs are equipped with intraoral cameras as well intraoral x-rays in order to take both an external and an internal image of the tooth in magnification in order to make a prompt diagnosis of a localized tooth condition and in order to validate the results of the treatments performed. These x-rays are crucial in root canal treatments, deep cavity restorations, pediatric treatments, implant treatments etc.


Extraoral Full mouth X-ray:   OPG (Orthopantomogram)

An OPG X-ray is used to obtain a panoramic/comprehensive and complete view of the teeth, jaw bone & surrounding structures to ensure a foolproof diagnosis of the dental disease and in order to validate the results of the treatments performed. OPG X-ray is an excellent diagnostic, informative & planning tool in examination/treatment involving a bigger region than a single tooth such as in Orthodontic treatments, mixed dentition, third molar impactions, evaluating dental cysts or lesions, Implant placements, Gum treatments and flap surgeries etc.